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Invest in your Institution's Patient Safety Culture

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Standardize Transitions of Care

As an evidence-based patient safety solution, I-PASS helps reduce the number of adverse events by streamlining handoff communication. A proven blueprint for improving patient harm, I-PASS helps institutions save money and enables clinicians to do what they do best—provide safe, high-quality patient care.
The Severity of Miscommunication in Patient Care

Failures in Communication Are Costly

In an analysis of 350,000 malpractice cases, communication was shown to be a factor in 30% of cases, representing $1.7 billion in total incurred losses.
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Miscommunication Can Lead to Serious Patient Harm

Estimated that as many as 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between caregivers during patient transfers.
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Avoid Unnecessary Annual Costs

Number of Annual Avoidable Events & Costs
Annual Inpatient Admissions at a 450-bed hospital 20,000
Reduction of adverse events per 100 admissions1 1.5
Annual number of adverse events prevented 300
Annual Avoidable Costs Range Cost Per Event Annual Costs Avoided
Low $5,000 2 $1,500,000
Medium $12,000 3 $3,600,000
High $27,000 3 $8,100,000
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Save Money from Reduced Malpractice Claims

Annual Inpatient Admissions at a 450-bed hospital 20,000
Number of malpractice claims per 1,000 admissions1 0.83
Estimated number of annual claims 16.6
% of claims reduced through the use of tools such as I-PASS2 18%
Estimated number of claims reduced 3.0
Average payout per claim3 $484,000
Annual value of malpractice claims avoided $1,446,192
  1. Results presented at PAS in May 2017, based on initial review of 420 malpractice cases sampled from 2001 to 2011.

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  3. CRICO Strategies 2015 Annual Benchmarking Report, average indemnity of provider - provider malpractice cases.

Experience a Positive Financial Return

I-PASS program prevents ~1.5 adverse events per 100 hospital admissions per year
Est. Cost of Adverse Events1 $5,000 $12,000 $27,000
Hospital Admissions/year Hospital Savings over 3 years
10,000 $2.2M $5.4M $12.1M
25,000 $5.6M $13.5M $30.3M
50,000 $11.2M $27.0M $60.7M
  1. Costs of adverse events in intensive care units. Kaushal R, Bates DW, Franz C, Soukup, JR, Rothschild, JM. Crit Care Med. 2007 Nov; 35 (11): 2479-83. PMID: 1782803

More Than Just a Cost-Savings Solution

Improve patient safety

Strengthen transitions of care

Standardize your handoff process

Enhance culture and collaboration with clinician training

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