Improve patient safety through the reduction of communication failures during patient handoffs and transitions in care

Our Story

In 2010 we created the first I-PASS Intervention Bundle for resident physicians and completed a multisite study at nine Children's Hospitals. Following that study, I-PASS  received honorable mention at the AAMC Readiness for Reform Health Care Innovation Challenge. 

From there, we began enrolling hospitals in studies to highlight the importance of using a standardized hand-off process to reduce patient harm. This led to a study that highlighted I-PASS as reducing Medical Errors by 23% as well as a 30 reduction in Adverse Events.

Today, our I-PASS Bundle is implemented in hundreds of hospitals as their go-to method for reducing patient harm. 

We look forward to helping you reduce patient harm in your institution.

Our Values
  • Patient Centeredness
  • Collaboration & Team Focus
  • Innovation
  • Fundamental & Transformational System Changes
  • Rigorous Measurement
  • Scholarship
  • Evidence-Based Improvement
  • Rapid Dissemination into Common Practice


A jumbo jet a day

Institute of Medicine Report: 44,000 to 98,000 deaths per year due to adverse events; sometimes analogized as the equivalent of a jumbo jet a day.


IOM Report

IOM Report on Resident Duty Hours concluded that it was unsafe for residents to work more than 16 hours without sleep.


Multisite study at 9 Children's Hospitals

First I-PASS Intervention Bundle for resident physicians.


New ACGME Duty Hours Standard

New ACGME Duty Hour Standards restricted interns to 16 consecutive hours of work and required programs to:

  • Ensure and monitor structured handoffs
  • Teach resident handoff skills and ensure         competence


Honorable mention

I-PASS Study wins the AAMC Readiness For Reform (R4R) Health Care Innovation Challenge - Honorable Mention


Marked Improvement

Study Results Show Marked Improvement from I-PASS

Medical Errors reduced by 23%

Adverse events reduced by 30%

NEJM: The New England Journal of Medicine Academic Medicine

JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association


Acceleration Challenge

Harvard Medical School Healthcare Acceleration Challenge

I-PASS research project one of only four finalists out of a field of almost 500. Mentors advise group to formalize methodology as a start-up.


Patient Safety Institute
  • I-PASS Patient Safety Institute incorporated

  • First funding received for company

  • I- PASS Training platform development begins

  • $1.5M financing completed

  • I-PASS Implementation Guide adapted to reflect new tools and services

  • I-PASS trademark licensed from Boston Children’s Hospital


I-PASS Institute
  • Launch I-PASS Institute rebranding, separating the Institute and Study Group identities

  • Commercial launch of new cloud-based tools (Training, Assessment, Implementation Guide)

  • I-PASS Study Group awarded prestigious 2017 Eisenberg award

  • Equity Crowdfunding Campaign formally launched


I-PASS and CIRCO Partnership
  • I-PASS Institute and CRICO Strategies enter into partnership agreement

  • Equity Crowdfunding campaign closed at $150k proceeds

  • Begin design and development of I-PASS eVIEW platform


Over 10K + completed
  • Over 10,000 I-PASS observational assessments completed with I-PASS Assessment Platform

  • I-PASS eVIEW Platform initial release

  • I-PASS Training Platform adds 20th specialty-specific learning scenario