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On the Path to Zero Patient Harm

The I-PASS Institute provides healthcare institutions of any size a blueprint for assessing and implementing a standardized handoff process. Since 2016, the I-PASS methodology has been integrated at over 100 institutions in the U.S. and Canada, resulting in more than 100 million completed handoffs and preventing millions of minor and major harm events.
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How it Works

I-PASS provides a common, shared, and unified structure for verbal and written communication. We partner with institutions and care teams to ensure our program can be delivered, implemented, and sustained at scale.

Assess & Plan

A discovery and scope phase to understand your institutional environment and set the implementation timeline

Train & Implement

Virtually deliver clinician trainings asynchronously in 30–40 minutes to clinicians, observing and measuring progress as methods are integrated into your workflow

Improve & Sustain

Detailed reports monitor how key I-PASS process adherence and outcome metrics are met and the opportunities for continuous improvement in handoff communication


What We Deliver

I-PASS Coaches, Program Managers, and our comprehensive suite of education materials and supporting resources provide the foundation you need to initiate and maintain handoff communication success.

A virtual Training platform where clinicians can practice giving and receiving written and verbal I-PASS structured handoffs


Direct observation tools for monitoring handoffs and gaining insights into I-PASS adherence in real time


An electronic platform that integrates with any EHR to facilitate the written handoff process


A process- and culture-change campaign to ensure program adoption and sustainability


An Implementation Guide that complements the expertise of our Coaching and Program Management Team to outline the key milestones for effective I-PASS implementation

Handoff Strategy Development

By answering a series of questions, you can help our team build a scope and timeline appropriate to your situation.
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Goals & Objectives


A discovery and scope phase to understand your institutional environment and set the implementation timeline

Setting the Context

Uncovering the strengths and opportunities in your existing communication workflows in your current transitions of care environment

Organizational Dynamics

Understanding your culture and how decisions are made

Delivering a Plan

A co-created vision for handoff improvement

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Coaches & Professional Management

Our experts have years of firsthand clinical and I-PASS implementation experience to help you launch the program and navigate any change management challenges that may arise.
Goals & Objectives

Leverage Our Experience

Lean on our I-PASS implementation background to set you and your teams up for success

Relationship and Program Support

The Coaching and Program Management Team participates in all site visits, supports the scheduling of meetings or workshops, facilitates program participation, and shares progress updates sitewide

Customized Plan

A detailed road map for implementation and sustainable adoption of I-PASS Institute tools, tailored to your institution’s distinct set of circumstances

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The I-PASS Difference


Our experienced team of I-PASS Coaches will conduct a series of calls and virtual sessions to assess the current state of handoff communication within your institution. These virtual sessions will include:

Observation of live handoff sessions throughout the institution, across care teams and roles


Meetings with key stakeholders at all levels of your institution (C-suite, front-line providers, quality and safety teams, etc.)


Informational sessions aimed at building momentum around the importance of handoff communication to substantially improve patient safety

I-PASS Implementation Spotlight


Our hands-on approach to mentorship enables each site to foster local support for the program, adapt I-PASS to your organizational environment, and sustain adoption of the lessons and skills learned over the long term.


Our virtual platform is built to scale, keep learners engaged, and provide custom content developed for your institution.
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Goals & Objectives

Authentic Engagement

Trainees are immersed in interactive, simulated handoff experiences based on real scenarios that happen on the frontlines

Customized Training

Modules are pre-built for a variety of specialties, and we have content experts ready to develop modules tailored to your needs

Practical Application

Activities include practicing verbal and written I-PASS handoffs, followed by summarizing those handoffs for a received patient

Delivery at Scale

Our fully online learning system allows for an unlimited number of participants to train and take refresher courses – no in-person workshops required

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I-PASS Implementation Spotlight


The I-PASS Handoff Training Program and platform have been constructed to meet the needs of various providers at your institution, on their own time and at their own pace.


Our easily integrated platform includes templates that can be configured to any EHR, while also ensuring PHI protection and security through a read-only interface.

I-PASS Handoff Integration

The eVIEW library comes pre-set with the I-PASS Institute’s templates, which can be easily integrated into any EHR

Privacy & Security

Industry standards are met through our fully encrypted interface

Seamless Customization

Mix and match templates, adjust font size, and adapt other criteria to meet the needs of each clinical unit

Seamless Reporting & Sharing

Print landscape PDFs, sort by criteria such as illness severity or patient name, and toggle notes on or off in the print view — all to facilitate handoff support across the care team

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The I-PASS eView Difference

Digital Handoffs That Scale

I-PASS eVIEW can seamlessly integrate into major EHRs and measurably improve your patient safety culture.


Available across major EHR vendors


Library of pre-built written handoff templates for 85% of major healthcare specialties, including emergency medicine, internal medicine, surgery, and more


Quickly transfer and customize templates to other care areas directly through your EHR, no additional IT resources required


Easy integration into PDSA cycles, and standardized formats to enhance readability and printing optimization


Transform Care Transitions with eVIEW

As an integral component of the I-PASS Bundle, I-PASS eVIEW easily integrates into major EHRs and offers a library of fully customizable patient handoff templates, enabling your clinicians to seamlessly conduct safe, highly reliable care transitions and improve patient safety. 

Assessment and Improvement

Empower clinical champions to observe and provide feedback on live handoff sessions as well as evaluate adherence to the I-PASS handoff structure and related outcomes in real time, generating on-demand insight on areas requiring improvement in handoff communication.
Goals & Objectives

Establish Benchmarks

Align on performance measures and internal and external goals for team development in handoff communication

Track Growth

Facilitate I-PASS handoff adoption and aptitude across the team by creating and sharing adherence run charts

Maintain Continuous Progress

Develop iterative plans to test, observe, and integrate these handoff practices to achieve sustained behavior, and ultimately, a positive culture change

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I-PASS Implementation Spotlight

A Hub for A&I Analysis

In addition to many other helpful implementation tools, the I-PASS Web Portal's interactive "Run Charts" A&I feature is designed to help you capture, analyze, and report on key handoff observation data that is critical for sustaining a culture of high reliability.

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