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Transform Care Transitions with eVIEW

As an integral component of the I-PASS Bundle, I-PASS eVIEW easily integrates into major EHRs and offers a library of fully customizable patient handoff templates, enabling your clinicians to seamlessly conduct safe, highly reliable care transitions and improve patient safety.
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The I-PASS eVIEW Difference

The I-PASS Bundle has prevented millions of major and minor harm events and is implemented in hundreds of institutions. As an integral component of the I-PASS Bundle, I-PASS eVIEW can seamlessly integrate into major EHRs and measurably improve your patient safety culture.


Available across all major EHR vendors


Library of pre-built written handoff templates for 85 percent of major healthcare specialties, including emergency medicine, internal medicine, surgery, and more


Quickly transfer and customize templates to other care areas directly through your EHR, no additional IT resources required


Easy integration into PDSA cycles


Standardized formats to enhance readability and printing optimization