I-PASS Implementations Lead to Significant Reductions in Costs

Adverse events are costly, and a reduction in adverse events can result in significant savings. The insurer and the hospital share a mutual financial benefit when a standardized handoff program is implemented.

Annual Savings of Malpractice Claims


Annual Savings from Costs Avoided


Exceptionally Positive Financial Return

I-PASS program prevents ~1.5 adverse events per 100 hospital admissions per year

Est. Cost of Adverse Events $5,000 $12,000 $27,000
Hospital Admissions/year Hospital Savings over 3 years
10,000 $2.2M $5.4M $12.1M
25,000 $5.6M $13.5M $30.3M
50,000 $11.2M $27.0M $60.7M
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